Holi and Coronavirus
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Holi and Coronavirus in Nepal: 5 steps you should take to be safe

Holi and coronavirus have become a great threat to Nepal. Today we’ll discuss some bad effects of Holi which can be predicted prior to the festival. In Nepal, there is valley Holi on 9th March 2020, and Terai Holi on 10th March 2020. Let’s start our main discussion. What is Holi? Holi is the festival […]

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5 things you should do to be mentally and emotionally healthy

Mental health refers to the psychological, emotional, and social well-being of an individual. It is essential to keep yourself mentally healthy. Otherwise, it can affect your daily life, physical health, relationship with family, friends, and partners. If you are mentally healthy, then you can cope with the normal stresses of life. However, if you have […]

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YATRI Motorcycles collaborate with Mumbai-based company ION Energy for the Project Zero

The project Zero is the project for creating an electric motorbike that expels zero pollution to the environment. It has been said that the bike is being prepared as per the principle of electric trains. The Bike is supposed to be equipped with an electric motor with about 30 KW (40 horsepower) power. It has […]

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Coronavirus – The First case in Nepal and other related facts you need to know

The virus (Coronavirus) is a newly identified virus. We have heard several news about the disease breakout in China due to this virus. The health officials in China are putting lots of effort to resolve the issue due to coronavirus. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that these viruses are a large […]