About us

This site is mainly for readers. This site includes different things such as news, ideas, and fun facts on wider subjects. This site was started on 16th January 2020. Readers are warmly welcomed. Below are the things that we serve to you.

1. Knowledge and Education

We always try to provide you knowledge of several things. If you are traveling then visit the traveling section of our site to gain knowledge regarding the place where you are planning to visit. If you are starting a business then get knowledge and information regarding the business from our site. If you want to boost your organizational performance then we think our tips will be somehow helpful to you. We are also interested in providing you various academic knowledge. So, we try to provide content on important academic learning. Further, in this world of science and technology, we cannot avoid knowledge and education regarding science and technology. So, we also provide content on science and technology in very simple language which will be very easy for the readers to understand.

2. Stories

We believe in the fact that we should have fun and entertainment in our daily life. So, we write stories and funny content on our website. In the stories section, there are two options. One is “Fictional stories” which will lead you to the container containing all the fictional stories. All these fictional stories have been created by our expert team who are very talented and have the skill of in-depth-thinking. The next is “Real stories” which contain stories based on real incidents. While writing real stories, we do not disclose personal information of any individual. So, all the names, address and other personal information of the characters will be kept confidential. So, if you are interested to publish your stories on our site then you can mail your stories at [email protected]

3. Funny articles

If you want to read more funnier items than the stories then you will get all these things in this section. In funny articles, we have included several fake news and sarcastic writings which will entertain our readers. We hope they laugh louder and louder by reading our funny articles.

Our pages may contain different ads and some readers might get angry. We would like to apologize for that issue but we need to do that so we could get some support to build our site more exciting. So, we would like to request you all to support us. If you are using some kind of ad blocker then we request you to whitelist your site. If you have any concerns or queries then don’t hesitate to visit our contact page and find us. Thank you, dear readers.

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