Coronavirus in Nepal
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Be aware of Coronavirus in Nepal (COVID-19)

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The first case of coronavirus in Nepal was reported earlier but since then no news has been heard. But we should be aware of coronavirus. Click here to read the first case of coronavirus in Nepal. Coronavirus outbreak has killed several people and Nepal is also in threat. I have read a report from the World Health Organisation. From the report, I came to know that almost 78,190 cases of Coronavirus infection have been reported in China with almost 2718 deaths. However, outside China, only 2,790 coronavirus infection cases are reported and almost 44 deaths have been reported. The other countries include the Republic of Korea, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Austria, Algeria, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, and so on.

Coronavirus in Nepal

The coronavirus infection has been already declared as a global emergency. So, it is our responsibility to be safe from the coronavirus. Being closer to china, coronavirus is not affecting Nepal and we should feel lucky for that. However, we are responsible to adopt several approaches to be safe from the virus. The virus does not show its signs and symptoms up to 2 days after it enters into the body of a healthy person. So, we cannot recognize the infected person. If we interact with the infected person then we can also get infected. As the coronavirus infection is highly transferrable from droplets and body fluid we need to take care of those things.

How to be safe from Coronavirus in Nepal

1. Most of the people use public vehicles in Nepal, so there is a high risk of quick transmission of disease if an outbreak happens. So, make sure you have used appropriate masks to prevent inhaling contaminated air.
2. Try to maintain social distance from your friends, colleagues, workmates or other people who are supposed to have flu or other unknown persons.
3. Make sure you have washed your hands or used any kind of sanitizer after you return from outside your home.
4. If you have any signs and symptoms of flu, fever, diarrhea, nausea or any symptoms which relate to coronavirus infection, you should not interact with other people until you are diagnosed negatively with coronavirus infection.
5. Don’t touch the mouth or nose by your hand when you are outside or without washing if they are dirty.

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