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Top 10 memes from CK John (Çk Jøhñ – The Nefoli Nibba) Facebook Memes Review

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Facebook meme – meme review. Basically, there are lots of memers on Facebook. Çk Jøhñ (I prefer writing CK John) is one of the Facebook users and obviously he is from Nepal. looking at his Facebook bio, he works at Pharmacy (I don’t know which one so I cannot refer the pharmacy to you to buy some condoms and pills). Besides this, he is a technical advisor at Boka Sangathan Reloaded (one of the popular Nepali Facebook groups and yes Lots of love for this group). He studied at CTEVT Nepal and lives in Kathmandu Nepal. His relationship status is separated so yes, he is a memer. He has got almost 3,819 followers on Facebook.

Let’s jump to the topic. Today I have selected 10 latest as well as the best meme from the Facebook Profile of Mr. CK John. I am sorry as I am doing this without his consent. This doesn’t mean he did not allow me to do it but I have not asked him yet. Forget all these shits and let’s see some of his best memes.

Facebook meme from Ck Jhon

meme review
Meme Aadarsh Mishra

This one is the funniest meme I have ever seen. However, this is racist. John bro you should not have done this. But this is funniest. I laughed a lot. Moreover, I am also from the Terai region and I have seen this type of situation. Not in the railway because our area doesn’t have one. But human feces can be found on the street-side. I agree appropriate awareness programs are essential in such areas. The government should cover this issue as a priority instead of imposing a ban on adult sites or international payment systems. Okay, let’s hope we will not see this type of situation in the future days.

Nepali Slang masters meme review
Nepali Slang masters

This is the second meme and promise guys I can hear all four pictures from this meme. The first one (Bishal Gautam) is also known as a brand ambassador of “Muji”.  The next one Binaya Timilsina aka Bikki Roaster is master in abusing others with slang words. The third one obviously Sacar Adhikari aka Lil Buddha. Okay, I can’t describe him. They all are indicated as friends and the last one that kid. The Kid is also a master for using slang words. I remember his every dialogue. My favorite one is “Distop vayo Ma***.”

Sajin Maharjan meme
Sajin Maharjan meme

I think everyone knows Sajin Maharjan. He is God of singing in a parallel universe. For the first time when I watched his video, I didn’t get any kind of attack. And I am sure I didn’t get any attack because my media volume was muted. Okay, jokes apart. However, I must say Sajin Maharjan is truly a hard-working guy who just doesn’t leave his passion because of negative comments, hatred, memes or trolls. We need to learn something from him too.

Hindustani Bhau meme
Hindustani Bhau meme

I can hear this pic too. If you have watched the video of Hindustani Bhau then you must have got this meme. The meme doesn’t have any subtitle or what it is called the downside caption. Let me write it for you “wait, I will fu*k your mother just now”. John Bro thank you for this meme.

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Jesus meme

This meme is not funnier but this meme carries a message. If someone is ill or has any disorder then medical treatment is the requirement. In recent days, I came to read about several cases in Nepal. people who are needy of medical treatment are taken to church and there they are taught to pray so that they will get rid of the disease. However, they won’t get rid of the disease but they have to change their mind after disease or illness is hyper.

Gokul Baskota meme review
Gokul Baskota meme

I don’t know much about politics. But I can understand this meme. This meme directly relates to Gokul Baskota. He is from the Communist Party and the government is also ruled by the Communist. However, he won’t be saved because there is full-proof evidence against him. Nice meme John Bro.

Kiara Advani meme review Kabir Singh meme
Kabir Singh meme

I don’t think I need to explain much for this meme. The first picture of Kiara Advani was famous and I know everyone has seen that picture. The next is Sahid Kapoor from Kabir Singh. Kiara Advani is Preeti who is the lead actress of Kabir Singh. Yeah, this is funnier.

Also enjoy three video memes

Bhaisi Ladyo hai maya

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