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Proud moment: Nepali guy has been selected in American Idol

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Proud moment. Dibesh Pokharel (age 20 years) also known as Arthur Gunn is a singer. Dibesh had gone to Wichita about 6 years ago. He moved to Wichita following his sister. He went there after completing his high school to seek opportunities. His parents also moved to Wichita following him and his sister. In Nepal, he used to sing songs since his childhood. But he had never taken his singing skills seriously. As long as I know, being a Nepali, I have never heard his name before I saw his video exclusively everywhere in social network sites. Dibesh had chosen his stage name as “Arthur Gunn” when he was working on his album “Grahan”. This album is a collection of 8 songs and it was out in the summer of 2018. Dibesh said that he is not from the family with musical background but he is lucky to grow up and be around music from an early age.

Dibesh went to give audition on the 18th season of American Idol and he was successful to win hearts of all three judges out there. The judges in the show were Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry. When he stood on the stage he introduced himself to judges. When he said his name is Dibesh Pokhrel, judge Katy Perry ripped the pronunciation of his name and said: “you are ‘the-best’”. Dibesh sang “Girl from the North Country” (original singer – Bob Dylan) which impressed all three judges. However, judges urged to listen one more cover and asked him to deliver the next song. Furthermore, Katy Perry wanted him to make some eye contact with judges and not to look at his guitar.

Dibesh then covered “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” (original singer – Creedence Clearwater Revival). All three judges went crazy after listening to his cover. Richie and Bryan high-fived each other. Then judges selected him for American Idol season 18.

This is one of the proud moments for Nepalese people. Let’s hope and pray for his success. Let’s hope he will do his best and make entire Nepalese people proud of him. Being a Nepali, I am very happy. Dibesh Pokhrel, He was really unknown to most of the Nepalese till now. But he is now famous and in such a big stage. He also has a YouTube channel. However, the channel has got only 21.5 K subscribers. So, surf to his channel and make sure you have subscribed to the channel. Click here to find his channel.

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