Can Valentine's day be harmful for us?

Can Valentine’s day be harmful for us?

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Today is 13th February and tomorrow being the Valentine’s day. There are several people in this world who have waited for this special day, the day of love and romance. However, have you ever wondered thinking that this special day is also harmful for us in several ways. Yes, guys if you still don’t know the bad side of Valentine’s day then I am here to tell you about the facts. I would like to talk the issues towards our environment, and nature due to valentine’s day.

Red roses and emission of Carbon dioxide

I know most of the valentine’s gift will be bouquet of red roses. They are very cute valentine’s gift and they are cheap as well. But do you know, how these roses are transported? Red roses are imported from different parts of the world. These roses are stored in refrigerated truck or ships and the use of such refrigerator emits lots of carbon dioxide to the environment. These roses need to travel for long time from different part of world to its destination and all of the roses should be kept fresh. There is no way to save roses except refrigerating and this process is very harmful for our planet.

Transportation and Fuel consumption

Our planet Earth has very limited resources. We should save such limited resource. One day the production of resources like petrol, and diesel will stop because there will be no more resources left on earth. However, the transportation of red roses for a single day costs so many fuels. Moreover, the refrigerated trucks consume more fuel than a normal truck. That means the consumption of fuel is very high which is affecting our natural resources. Besides this, the heavy consumption of fuel is emitting pollution to the environment which is very expensive valentine’s day for us.

Gold mining

Besides the red roses, most of the couple prefer gold jewellery to gift to their partners. The sales of gold have increased from the first day of valentine’s week and there will be more sales on valentine’s day. The gold produced for valentine’s day will leave more than 34 million metric tons of wastes to our surrounding. Gold mining is considered to be one of the worst industries in this planet because it affects the nature very badly. So, the gold jewellery produced for valentine’s day is very bad for our nature.

Anxiety and Depression in single youth

I have written a blog for single people regarding the ways that they can adopt to spend their valentine’s day happily. However, it is very difficult to spend valentine’s day alone. Moreover, the bad feeling which arise due to loneliness can give depressive symptoms to the youth. This will hamper the quality of life of such people. Besides this, some people can get thought of their ex or the one who has passed away. This is very bad feeling ever and in the valentine’s day a greater number of single people will have this feeling. Furthermore, if your partner is far away from you and you cannot go to meet him/her on valentine’s day then also you can get bad mood and depressive symptoms the entire day.

Increase in Suicide

I have heard somewhere, that the suicide rate increases in valentine’s day. There are several reasons for the increase in suicide rate. The first one might be the depressive symptoms or anxiety. Person who cannot cope with their depression or anxiety then they can commit suicide in this special day. The next reason might be rejection from loved ones. Although valentine’s day is not to propose someone. But there are many people who try to propose their loved ones in valentine day. If they get rejected, they commit suicide.

Key message

Finally, the moral is that every beautiful and special thing always have bad face. Almost the entire world considers valentine’s day to be the most romantic day and the day of love. But human need to show love towards the planet and environment. I don’t mean to say that we are destroying our planet by celebrating valentine’s day. However, the modern ways of celebrating valentine’s day is releasing more pollution and hampering our eco system. But the traditional system of celebrating valentine’s day did not use to create pollution. You can read how people in the past used to celebrate valentine’s day.

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