What to do in Valentine's day if you are single

For single people: How to enjoy on Valentine’s day?

If you are single, I know how much irritating is this valentine’s day. You see a couple posting their photos and videos of the celebration of valentine’s week. Finally, single people can feel alone on valentine’s day. Couples will go out for the celebration of valentine’s day whereas singles will feel like they are incomplete. You shouldn’t worry that you are single this valentine because you can do a lot of things to become happy. Here are some tips that you can use on valentine’s day and make the day happy.

1. Build a community and engage with them

I know you already have a friend circle. Some of your friends might have a partner whereas some of them might be single. So, you can create a group of single people and make fun. This will not let you recall that you are single. This will make you less needy for a valentine partner. The group will give you the power to cope with your problem of singleness. You will get the sense that there are other people who are also single and they are happy about that.

2. Hangout with your family

I know your parents and grandparents might not celebrate valentine’s day in the way how the recent youths celebrate this day. So, you can simply spend your time with parents or grandparents. You can prepare food for them and make them happy. Be sure, after seeing happiness in their faces you will be happy too.

3. Watch movies (comedy movies not love stories)

Yes, you can spend your time watching some movies. This will help you to spend your day laughing. Be sure you will not watch any movies based on love stories. If you watch such movies then you might again think about being single and you might be upset. Moreover, don’t go to the theatre to watch a movie. Because theatre might be full of couples and you will again feel bored there. However, if you have a group of single friends then you can go to the theatre with them.

4. Stay out of Social Media for that day

You may find every social media stuff related to valentine’s day. Couples will be uploading photos, videos, and other stuff which will make you think that you don’t have any partner to do all those things. If you are still connected to your ex in social media then you might see her photos of celebrating valentine’s day with the next partner. This might depress you. So, staying out of social media might be a good option for you.

5. Visit orphanage of old age home

This might be a perfect place to go on valentine’s day if you are single. Just get some gifts such as chocolates, clothing items, or toys and visit orphanage or old age home. You will see happiness in the eyes of such children and elderly people. This will give you more happiness than buying expensive valentine’s gifts for your partner. This will provide you with a feeling that there are numerous people who are more single than you. Be sure, if you visit these places once in your lifetime then you will obviously keep visiting there with a bundle of gifts just to see the smile on the face of children and abandoned elderly people. This will be your happiest valentine’s day in your entire life.

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