Humorous love story
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Humorous love story

Once upon a time, there was an old couple. The husband was 70 years old and the wife was 65 years old. They got married almost 40 years ago. There was deep love between husband and wife. Sometimes they used to quarrel but they used to sort out the things with love and happiness. There was no secret between husband and wife except a box. The box belonged to the wife and she said to her husband that he would never try to open the box and never ask her about the things inside the box.

The husband was very loyal. So, he never tried to open the box although the box was kept openly in their room. He never asked her wife regarding the things inside that box. The time was running, and one day suddenly, the wife got sick. The husband called the doctor and the doctor said she would never recover from her illness so she needs complete bed rest.

Humorous love story
Old Couple (Source – Unsplash)

At this moment, the wife told that she wants to settle all the disputes with her husband that took place in their entire life. Although the husband was trying to control his tears, he said that he doesn’t have any anger or any bad feelings for her. He also whispered that he will always love her and he will always care for her.

However, the wife asked the husband to bring the same box so that she could reveal her secret to her husband. The husband agreed to his wife and went back to bring the box. He brought the box and asked his wife if he can open the box. The wife gave him permission to open the box.

When he opened the box, he found that there were two beautiful hand-made sweaters which looked so expensive and money of about $10,000. At first, he asked about the sweaters. His wife said that she used to make sweaters when she felt angry with her husband. Every time she used to be angry at that time, she used to make one sweater.

The husband was happy because there were only two sweaters in the box. He thought that she was angry with him only twice in their entire married life. Then he asked about the $10,000 which was inside the box. The wife said that she sold other sweaters and kept that money there because there were a lot of sweaters and the box was too small to keep all the sweaters.

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