Carpet cleaning procedure in the hotel industry
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Carpet cleaning procedure in the hotel industry

The hotel industry uses different processes for cleaning. The hotels have different methods for cleaning bathrooms, guest rooms, floors, stairs, laundry items, decorative items, and so on. In this article, we will discuss how the hotel industries clean their carpets.


Hotel businesses use the equipment as per their capacity and availability of resources. We should know that all cleaning equipment may not be available in all the hotel. So, we will talk on some conventional equipment that most of the hotels have in their business.

  1. Vacuum cleaner              
  2. Carpet brush                             
  3. Dustbin, dustpan             
  4. Bucket                                        
  5. Shampooing brush
  6. Floor duster


These are the chemical substances that the hotel businesses use to clean the carpets.

  1. Water
  2. Shampoo
  3. Dettol
  4. Vinegar

Cleaning procedure

Follow these simple steps to clean the carpet in any hotel business.

  • Dust or vacuum the carpet.
  • Make frothy or soap solution and worn out two inches’ leather.
  • Take the foam with a scrubbing brush and apply on the carpet scrub gently.
  • Wet a floor duster with disinfectant solution and rinse the carpet. However, the duster should only be damp with plain water.
  • Dry it with another duster
  • Vacuum again.
  • Make it dry.
Carpet cleaning procedure in the hotel industry
Washed Carpets hanged on wall to let them dry

Essential Points while shampooing Carpet

You should consider the following points to perform carpet cleaning procedures efficiently.

  • Roll the carpet and arrange for removing the carpet from the given area (If possible).
  • Then spread out in an open concrete surface with the surface pile facing downwards.
  • Beat the carpet thoroughly with a carpet beater.
  • Roll and shift the carpet.
  • Now lay the carpet with the right side facing upward.
  • With a shampoo, the machine applies shampoo in a circular motion slowly to work out the form.
  • Remove the extra foam of the carpet with a carpet brush or hydro extractor.
  • Expose the carpet in the open area. Do not lay the rug in the open sunlight.
  • On drying, carry out thorough vacuuming as the detergent turns into a powder on drying.
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