Spring cleaning in the hotel industry and its procedures
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Spring cleaning in the hotel industry and its procedures

Spring cleaning is the specialized cleaning which is undertaken once in a year. But if the guest turnover is very high, spring cleaning is done twice in a year. The critical aim of spring cleaning is to clean every aspect of hotel deeply. All the areas of the hotel including guest room, public area, are thoroughly (genuinely) cleaned. In spring cleaning, the hotel staffs give top priority to high turnover rooms and general area. Every corner of the guest room properties and amenities as well are completely cleaned. The hotel businesses carry out spring cleaning during the slack period or off-season. The hotel businesses conduct it under the supervision of executive housekeeper. The front office, and the maintenance department co-ordinates for spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning in the hotel industry and its procedures
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Procedure for spring cleaning

  • Inform the reception.
  • Remove all the linens of the room (bedroom and bathroom) and give it to the laundry. Use fresh linens to make the bed.
  • Remove the dust and dirt from the mattress with the help of vacuum cleaner.
  • Check the scratch, hole, and tear of the mattress.
  • Eliminate all the furniture from the room and do dusting and polishing if required.
  • Send it to the maintenance department if required.
  • If the carpets do not fit in the room, roll it up, remove and take from the room.
  • Beat the carpet in open space.
  • Cover the floor with a dust sheet. The permanent fixture should be covered and protected adequately during painting.
  • Shampoo the carpet with the help of shampooing machine and dry it before use.
  • Dust and wipe the pictures, mirror, and electric light and clean them properly.
  • Check for any maintenance required and provide information to the control desk if needed.
  • Clean and polish all the silverware and brassware.
  • Clean all the lights, fittings, bathroom fittings, other fixtures.
  • Relay the carpet on the floor.
  • Furniture is brought back and arranged.
  • Place all the soft furnishing and accessories in position.
  • Replenish the room and bathroom supplies.
  • Carry out the general dusting of the entire surface.
  • Check whether the room is complete and ready to sell.
  • Release the room by handling them to the reception.
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