Bathroom Cleaning in the hotel industry
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Bathroom Cleaning in the hotel industry

The room attendant attends the bathroom when attending the bedroom. However, the attendant attends the bathroom at the very beginning of the bed room cleaning process for applying the cleaning agent. It is so because the Chemical agent/ cleaning agent require time to work on the dirt and stubborn stain. After finishing the bed room cleaning unit, the bathroom is attended for cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning in the hotel industry
A clean bathroom

The procedures for cleaning the bathroom are as follows.

  • Open all the windows, exhaust and vents.
  • Check for any maintenance and if the required report to the housekeeping control desk.
  • Shake out all the bathroom linen and ensure that no guest valuables are trapped.
  • Dispose of all the soiled bathroom linen in the linen hamper on the maid’s carte.
  • Dust the ceiling, air-condition, vent, exhaust vent for dust and cobweb.
  • Wipe off the lights and shades with a dry cloth. Ensure that all the bulbs are functional.
  • Wipe down the wall tiles with a damp cloth and later wipe with a dry cloth to ensure that the walls and pipes are free from watermarks.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe a mirror and elbow grease with dry newspaper.
  • Scrub and clean the bathtub, washbasin, commode (water closet) as well as tap and make it dry.
  • Replenish the bathroom supplies.
  • Wipe the shower curtain with a dry lint-free cloth.
  • Scrub the bathroom’s floor and clean it completely dry.
  • Close the windows, exhaust, put the lights off. Close the door of the bathroom and return to the guest room.
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