Manual cleaning equipment used in hotel industry
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Manual cleaning equipment used in hotel industry

1. Broom and Brush: 

Broom and brush help to remove the dust from any surface like floor, wall and upholster etc. and has the bristle of animals, vegetables or man-made origin. Brushes have the bristle stiffer that the broom.

Manual cleaning equipment used in hotel industry
A broom

2. Mop: 

It is manual cleaning equipment which consists of cotton yarn or sponge fitted on a metal or plastic stick with either long or short handle. The cleaners use mop to clean the floor surface. There are two kinds of mop. They are.

  • a) Dry Mop
  • b)Wet Mop
Manual cleaning equipment used in hotel industry
Mops standed on wall

3. Clothes and Duster: 

These are the equipment that helps in the collection of dust from surface. The clothes normally are of soft cotton or short life materials. One should wash clothes and dusters after use. Different kinds of clothes used for cleaning are:

  • Rag: Rag helps for applying polish on metal surface or furniture.
  • Floor clothes: It consists of coarser. The cleaner uses cotton material for commode and floor cleaning.
  • Scrim: Scrim is a loosely woven linen material whic helps for cleaning windows and mirrors. It does not leave lines while cleaning glass.
  • Swab: Cotton clothes or soft abundant materials make the swab and it helps in wet work above floor. For e.g. washing wash basin.

4. Containers: 

Containers are the hollow materials which are made up of different kinds of metals or plastics. Most of the containers now a days are made up of plastics. One can use containers for various purposes as per the requirement. It includes:

  • Bucket
  • Dustbin
  • Spray Bottles
  • Linen hamper
  • Chamber maid’s box
Manual cleaning equipment used in hotel industry
Waste containers

5. Maid’s carte: 

Maid’s carte is one of the most important housekeeping manual cleaning equipment used by the room attendant while carrying out the guestroom cleaning task in order to stock necessary cleaning tools as well as cleaning agents together with linens and guestroom support needed in a guestroom. It facilitates the room attendant to stock and place all the necessary materials required for a guestroom cleaning at one place making the job of the room attendant easier, faster and efficient.

Maid’s carte has three deep shelves with the sacks or hampers soiled linens and rubbish found in each side and that are detachable. The lower two shelves are the linens and the top shelf helps for storing the supplies. Top shelf also contains the hand caddy small box for storing different clearing agent). Maid’s carte must not be over stocked and under stocked. Over stocking increases the risk of damaging, soiling, or the lost of some items in the course of cleaning. Items typically found in the maid’ s carte includes clean bad sheets, pillowcase, mattress pad, bath towels, hand towels, face towels, etc.

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