Small Girl's Love to a Dog
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Small Girl’s Love to a Dog

I am a Nepalese Nurse. Lets not disclose the name of my workplace directly but you might get every possible hint in the further story and get to know the hospital where I work. Yeas, I was enrolled in a hospital and obviously the hospital is in Nepal. I am not sure about the exact number of blocks in my workplace but yes, it is very big.

Small Girl's Love to a Dog
A nurse doing her duty

I still remember that night, my duty was in emergency ward. One of the patients was brought to the ward as he met with an accident. A heavy truck hit him so hard. His head and face were covered with blood. Doctors were saying that he should be taken to operation theatre immediately.
Everyone was busy looking after that patient. Some of the carer and family members of other patients went out because they couldn’t watch the bloody face of that patient.

Small Girl's Love to a Dog
Cartoon image of a nurse and a patient

In the meantime, I heard a voice saying “sister, sister”, soft and sweet voice of a baby girl. While looking at her I think she probably was a girl of 5 to 6 year, not more than that. She was wearing white t-shirt and pink skirt with a small teddy beer in her hand. I asked her “What happened baby girl? What’s your name?”.
“My name is Joshna, You need to come with me!” she replied. “But, But I can’t come with you dear I am in my job” I said to her. But she was stuck in her own word and was saying come with me. I was forced to go with her. She held my hand and directed towards the door of emergency ward. We were out of the emergency ward.

Outside the emergency ward there is a pitch road. There were two ambulances in the road. In the left side of the road there are many shops and stalls where people can buy fruits and have lunch. It was night so only one tea-stall was opened. Rest of the shops were closed. But the pharmacies were still available.
Joshna asked me to buy a biscuit from the tea stall. I thought she was hungry so she brought me here to buy her a biscuit. So, I bought one and gave to her. But she told me to keep the biscuit with me. And she again started directing me. At the moment I was totally unknown, where we were going and why she asked me to buy a biscuit. The road from where we were going through, actually, goes to the second gate of the hospital so I asked her “we aren’t going out, are we?”
“No” she replied.
“Then why we are moving through this road? We’ll move out of the hospital if we go through this road” I said.

“Don’t worry, sister, There is someone who needs your help” She said. I was quite afraid because there is morgue on the way to the second gate. The second gate is mainly used for taking dead bodies out from the hospital. Near the morgue there was a white dog. It was looking so sad. Joshna said “the dog is hungry, can you please feed him that biscuit”.

Small Girl's Love to a Dog
A dog with white fur standing and looking at camera

I was confused again. She brought me here just to feed a dog. But I was feeling sad for the dog too. It was so hungry. I opened the packet of biscuit and started giving pieces of biscuit one by one. There was no biscuit left.

I said “Joshna, lets go where we were going before”. This time I got no reply. I looked back at the road. There was no one. Just a street light was flashing over an empty street. Hurriedly, I moved to emergency ward. My manager was furious as I was not in my place. I managed the situation and told her all the things. My manager told me that she was in hurry as her shift was completed so she will tell me the thing she knows tomorrow.

I went to my work the next day. My manager was there. I make her remember the things that I told her the previous day. She held my hand and took me through the same road and to the morgue. She asked the security guard to open the door of morgue. There were several dead bodies. There was a small bed with a name tag in it.

My manager asked me to read the name tag. I couldn’t believe what I saw because the name “Joshna” was written in the tag. I was scared and shocked. The body was covered with a white cloth. I didn’t want to remove the cloth but for the confirmation I needed to. I removed the cloth and I found that she was the same baby girl. My manager told me that she was living with brain tumour which killed her. She was admitted in the hospital a month ago and she used to play with that dog because there were no one to play with her. I couldn’t control my tears so I left the morgue

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